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dk323 ([personal profile] dk323) wrote2013-01-23 09:09 pm

Colin Morgan wins at National TV Awards!! *grins*

Squee!!! :D :D Love the '50s hair for his upcoming role in 'Quirke'. 

Awww :) 

Colin Morgan's acceptance speech (for Best Drama Performance (Male) award). :)

Also how awesome is it that the magic reveal was used as Colin Morgan's clip. One of the biggest moments of the show (not to mention such an emotional and epic Arthur and Merlin moment) -- no wonder it was chosen. ;)

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I loved that he was so prepared just in case. Plus Bradley seemed so happy for Colin's win. :DDD

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Yeah, me too -- I'm sure he didn't doubt the power of the fans to vote for him. ;) I love that Bradley was so happy for him -- that made me grin.

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It's really lovely that people recognized his great work over these five seasons.

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Yes, I'm so glad that he was recognized for his brilliant, magical (lol) acting on "Merlin". Colin Morgan is so deserving of the win. :D

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He was seriously the most adorable, I can still barely stand to watch! I'm glad that he won it this year :)

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Oh yes. He definitely was. I like his new haircut too. I'm beyond happy that he finally won the award this year. *grin*

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YAY! I love how proud everyone is of him. He looks so sexy with his hair like that btw. Guh! I love Colin speaking in his natural accent. Could he get any sexier.

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*squees with you* Yeah, I've seen tweets from his fellow cast members calling him a legend. They're so proud -- even Benedict Cumberbatch was congratulatory toward him. :) Just praise all around.

I love how his hair looks too and him speaking in his natural accent is awesome, I love hearing it. :)