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Awww again...Bradley James tweeted (7 hours after the NTA's at 4:30am). He's so proud. :)

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He's such a nice guy.

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I agree. Love that he tweeted about the win. :) I know he tweeted about voting for Colin and for the show before the NTA's too.

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Oh, boys!

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I can only sigh happily. I'll miss them on screen together. I love how supportive Bradley is of him. :)

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That tweet just topped off an amazing day.


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Yes it did -- just a perfect end note after the win for Colin. Still grinning over it. :)

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That was just so sweet!

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I agree. I love that Bradley tweeted about how proud he is of Colin. :D

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Awwyay! Made me smile seeing it when I woke up :)

And noooo Bradley, you were absolutely subtle with your pride ;)

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lol, oh yes...Bradley was being very subtle. :p Love that he was beaming with pride for Colin. ♥

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LOL...we could tell Bradley, we could tell :)

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*nods* All us fans are on to Bradley James. Nothing gets past us. ;)

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I totally melted when I read his tweet. God.

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Me too. It just added that something extra to cap off the evening. :) That was sweet of Bradley to do that...and he wasn't the only cast member to send out his congratulations/praise...loved all of it. :D

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I absolutely adore how supportive he is of Colin ♥

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Me too! It was great to see this show of support and praise from Bradley to Colin. :) ♥

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They are so cute!

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I wholeheartedly agree -- and I can't help but think of this icon of little!Merlin with Arthur (with my comment) when I think of the word cute (not off-topic at all ;)). But yes, I love how good friends they are with one another. :)