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Pretty graphics from Tumblr [RECS of awesome]

This person took images from different sources to make his fairytale (or kind of fairytales as King Arthur is more of a legend/tragedy) a different, intriguing look at different fairytales. I'm including the King Arthur and Beauty and the Beast (two of my favorites :)) picspams.

Fairytale-ish picspam of King Arthur // Arthurian legend


~ What I love about this one is the use of Gandalf in the Merlin role. You can see the sword in the stone and the round table is taken from Merlin. 

(It's due to [ profile] angelfireeast reblogging the King Arthur picspam that made me aware of this Tumblr user. :) So thanks for that, Angelfireeast. :D)

And here's the Beauty and the Beast one

He has other fairytale picspams you can check out here:

Lastly he did a gifspam with the theme of epic fantasy (for a challenge at another Tumblr). And it's pretty epic. :p Since it's multiple gifs, I think it's just better to just link to the post to save the trouble of waiting for the gifs to load. (using link from my reblog...I think there was a double post at the main link?)

EPIC FANTASY GIFSPAM includes gifs from: #merlin #lord of the rings #once upon a time #pirates of the caribbean #game of thrones #legend of the seeker #harry potter #the mummy. Cool to see these different shows/films come together in an Epic Fantasy theme. For me personally, the only one I'm unfamiliar with is The Mummy. I loved the inclusion of Legend of the Seeker as that show could always use all the love.

~ * ~

I did say I'd rec some fanvids, didn't I? :p That'll happen. *nods*

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