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Being Human (UK) ~ 5x01

I can't believe the series is getting cancelled! It seems so wrong since season (S5) that's airing now is only the first season with the all-new trio. I was really hoping we'd get a few more seasons with them! :( Grrr...

Hal, Tom, and Alex have a good dynamic going. I was so looking forward to this season after the cliffhanger last season. Poor Hal. :( Love how he just couldn't take it anymore seeing the complete mess the house had become because he'd been tied up and couldn't clean things up... what a nightmare. :p

And he created a roster of tasks too...(Annie did that I believe last season). LOL. That whole scene was too funny. 

Then a bit WTH with Hal turning a dying man into a vampire because he couldn't just let him die...although turning him into a vampire doesn't seem like the best solution. Kind of funny that he brought the man back home and hid him tied up in the basement without telling Tom or Alex. So when Tom and Alex find out that oh, there's a man who happens to be a vampire in the basement... um yeah, Hal has some explaining to do. Haha.

Loved that little girl who was the only other Old One (in addition to Hal) left alive after what happened in S4. I LOLed at her "But make sure they have paper and pencils so I could draw ponies and shit." Must be weird to look like a child but be an Old One as well. :p

They've brought in the devil! Yeah, if that doesn't sound like a way to end the show with the biggest villain ever, I don't know what does. Should be interesting to see how things unravel with the devil out and about causing trouble. 

Hal and Tom get new jobs at a restaurant (since they were both fired from the diner). The same restaurant the devil is hanging out in.

Hal's "job interview" Tom's bemusement at Hal getting the job so easily. :p

Alex unfortunately finds out that her body had been returned to her family and she'd been laid to rest... yet she's still a ghost and she hasn't moved on yet as she believed she should. :( 

...which leads to Alex's poorly thought-out decision to let out the newly-made vampire... she felt bad for him being kept locked away and not being able to see his loved ones (and she's still upset at the knowledge that she hasn't passed on when her family has already begun making peace with her dying).

The Cleaners take care of the new vampire -- but I wonder what they have planned to do with him. Government funding for the Cleaners and their program to keep the supernatural hidden from humans is going to be cut in a few months, I believe? So that'll be a big problem...what with all the creatures they have contained. 

Preview for the next episode: It looks like Hal and Tom have a bit of a food fight? IDEK. Just felt like pointing that out. Muahaha. Should be fun.