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Awww...when dogs can't resist helping out their owners ;)

Dog feeding lamb milk gif

Repost from one of my favorite LJ comms ([ profile] splodefromcute): Source link

From comments somewhere (poster didn't say where the comment came from :p):
"This clever Springer taught himself to do this! He just watched his owner, who is a shepherd, and went from there....amazing!"

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That is one of the cutest things I've ever seen! I love how dogs can be so smart and sweet.


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I know. I love it when dogs show how smart and helpful they can be. :)

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That is just ridiculously cute.

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Oh yes, it's one of the cutest things I've seen. :) I love that comm when things like this gif pop up on it. *love*

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Dawww... that is too cute! Dogs are so smart - I love them.

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It's terribly cute and just sweet how helpful the dog wanted to be (even trying to teach himself how to do it). :)

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It is! :D

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*nods* The gif of the dog and lamb left me grinning at the cuteness of the moment. :)

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That is so cute!

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Agreed! It's such a cute, endearing moment. :)

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This is sooooo cute!

My hubby was cutting down brush with a friend. There was a tree that fell. It was not a large one, but our dog picked the end up with his teeth and started dragging it to the pile.

My hubby's friend was like ummm your dog is helping. He laughed.

Then the friend said uuummmmmm now he is moving a cinder block. *dog walks by with it in his mouth and adds it to the pile*

Hubby replied with something like that...moving things...that is why we called him Dexter.

Friend: you mean the killer on Showtime.

Hubby: No like Dexter's Laboratory. He is always making things. :) LOL!

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Thanks! I thought it was super cute too seeing the dog being so helpful. :)

Aw, that's a great story! Thanks for sharing it. :) I love hearing about how helpful and thoughtful dogs can be sometimes.

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Sometimes my cats try to be helpful and they make messes..hehehehe