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~ Arthur/Merlin fanvid rec of epicness ~

Vid by AloraVideos ♥ ♥, Song is World on Fire by Les Friction. Posted February 6, 2013 so it includes clips from S5.

I have a lot of love for this song (World on Fire) and I was excited such a brilliantly done A/M fanvid was created using this song. There are also very nicely placed voiceovers. And Mordred is a part of the a part of the tragedy of Arthur's death and the prophecy. And the magic reveal is in this too. Just love it all. :)

(I still mean to rec these three Merlin fanvids...possibly I'll leave that for March.)

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I liked the clip and how it ended.

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Thank you! I like the hopeful ending to the fanvid too. :) If only we'd seen a shot of Arthur in the present day in the finale. :(