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~ Midnight Merlin S5 Fanvid Rec ~ The prophets do not lie

Vidder: Toufinus
The theme is action...the vid is less than 2 minutes long (1:48) and the music is very fitting and shows a great snapshot of S5 focusing on the prophecy (Gaius does the voiceover of bits of the prophecy with scenes acting out those parts). And basically, it's another epic vid. It makes me happy that this vid received no dislikes on YouTube -- I can't imagine who'd dislike this vid anyway. There are 163 LIKES & 1,788 views (not enough! :() with the vid having been posted January 21, 2013.

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Good vid! Thanks for the rec :D

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You're welcome. :) It's one of the vids I've been meaning to rec for a while.

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Dang. That is a powerful vid. Thanks for the rec!

(I never comment or do anything on YT, by the way.)

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You're welcome! That's what I thought too -- definitely a powerful vid.

Oh okay, that's all right. I do these posts just to showcase vids I'm rather fond of and want to keep archived on my LJ (and hopefully give the vid more hits by reccing it).

I've had an account at YT for a few years...that's where I stuck my Merlin fanvids when I felt inspired to make some a few years ago. I don't comment often either (trying to comment more though), but I do "like" things at least if I enjoyed a vid and usually add them to a playlist. I primarily just watch a fanvid and put it into a playlist if I enjoy it and want to save it for future rewatches. I also subscribe to some vidders I think are brilliant and want to make sure I keep up with their work.

At this point, I have a lot of vids in playlists which = many fanvid rec posts. :p Might make it a weekly thing.

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I have a yt account under my fannish name, but I am not usually logged into that account when I doing fannish stuff. See the problem?:D If I "like" a vid, does it keep track of which account I'm liking from?

I really don't understand how yt works. I should keep a playlist too.

I'd love a weekly rec. Or more!

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I guess so... anything you like automatically goes into a "Likes" playlist in that account. I only have one YT account, so I can't speak for what to do if you have two different ones. My YT account is linked to my gmail, so anytime I log into that email, I get logged into YT.

You can make a playlist by just going to the "Add to" option across from the like/dislike buttons when you watch a vid. (There's about, share, add to...). There's a choice to make a new playlist name when you go to "Add to" if you want to put that vid in a new playlist. It's nice having the playlists for different things (for songs by one artist, different fandoms, shippy vids)...otherwise I'd have a load of bookmarks for vids. It's nice for me at least to have it organized and then whatever I'm in the mood for I go to that playlist...there's a choice to make the playlist run automatically too (although since it's streaming, there are delays sometimes due to buffering). But I've had YT for years and that's just what I like it for.

Maybe I'll do multiple vid recs in one post, but sometimes LJ doesn't cooperate when I put in multiple vids so I feel just one at a time is the easier way to go. :p Vid twice a week or daily sounds very tempting...I didn't want to overdo it though with posting vids all the time. I try to only rec the vids I really enjoyed. I'll just see how it goes... there are non-Merlin fanvids I want to rec too.

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My head is spinning and I feel like an old fart. Ugh. I'll figure it out eventually. After PL, maybe. I'm so new to YT too.

Twice a week would be awesome! :D I hate that you can't embed more than one vid. DW isn't any better with that.