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Merlin vid recs

Two Merlin fanvids with the song, Demons by Imagine Dragons.

Modern!AU (Arthur, Merlin, Gwen, Morgana, Mordred, Kara, Freya...) vid:

Vidder: Toufinus (posted January 18, 2013)

~~ I love the creativity here and how the vidder used clips of their other roles to give that modern feel for these characters. It's like a vid trailer for a Modern AU! Merlin fanfic. :)

Each character is haunted by their past lives and try to cope with remembering. Some characters aren't sure what they're remembering exactly, and others know they're remembering their past lives.

Vidder's summary (explains it a bit better :p): Arthur meets Gwen obviously. Merlin tries to redeem himself with Morgana, becoming her friend. He also finds Freya who is very attracted by the lake. :p Mordred is very confused by his dream (Arthur's too by the way).

Canon vid:

Vidder: ImperviousAffinity (posted December 11, 2012 before the S5 finale)

~~ Fitting song choice and the clips showed some of the drama/conflict in the show throughout the seasons (a lot of S4 and S5).

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Very cool. I really liked the first one!

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Thanks! I've been meaning to rec that first one for a while. It is a very inspirational vid for a Modern!AU story. :)

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Ahhh! I've been looking for a Merlin vid that used this song! And I really liked the first one----and I might have like a bunch of plot bunnies running around all over the place.

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I love this song and it's definitely a great song choice for a Merlin vid. First I heard of Imagine Dragons was through their song, Radioactive, which seems to be a popular song now for fanvids.

Oh yes, that first one definitely yields a lot of plot bunnies for Modern!AU stories. It's asking for a story to be written for it. The Merlin/Morgana and Merlin/Freya parts are interesting to explore as well as Mordred's confusion as he remembers his past life in his dreams.

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Either one would work...but knowing me I'll end up writing something bittersweet if I wrote it. This style of vidding is pretty popular among reboot Trek fans since we have the original series to link back to, so yes I'm quite fond of this trope :)

LOL, I got introduced to Demons because I saw a fanvid for TSP and heard the song and was like, wow the lyrics are strangely appropriate for this show, especially Merlin and Arthur...the whole "my kingdom come" and so on.