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dk323 ([personal profile] dk323) wrote2013-03-21 01:11 am
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] jelazakazone!

Because I won't be able to post this tomorrow morning, I'll go ahead and post this now. I hope you have a great birthday, [ profile] jelazakazone!! I hope you enjoy your day. ♥ ♥

For jelazakazone
Small words on banner: I think Morgana ran off with the chocolate cake. It'll be an evil cake now.

/fail humor :p... pretend it's a Merlin/Arthur Modern!AU to explain the presence of the water bottle/chair/sunglasses etc. I imagine Merlin saying those words as Arthur looks down in disbelief that the best chocolate cake in the world has been stolen. The nerve of Morgana! Haha.

Here are some images of Mordred/ Alex Vlahos from may have seen them already, but I thought they were good to prettify the post a bit. :p Mordred's armour was so shiny in the first one...I couldn't resist including it. :p lol *whistles*




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