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Merlin vid rec: Dirt In My Eyes by [ profile] secretlytodream

Vidder: Loki (SecretlytoDream on YouTube & LJ)
Title: Dirt In My Eyes
Song: Dirty and Clean
Artist: Stephanie Schneiderman
Warnings: character death
Category: modern AU
Characters/Pairings: Arthur, Merlin
Summary: Merlin wasn't the one who waited.

My thoughts (vidder's detailed summary below vid): This is such a heartbreaking but beautifully put together vid. It deals with the AU idea of Arthur waiting for Merlin's return...Merlin died back in the days of Camelot, and unfortunately when Arthur finds him again in present day, Merlin doesn't remember his past life and he's fallen into a bad way (clips used from his role in the film, "Parked"). Sadly, Merlin dies again in present day leaving Arthur's reunion with Merlin short-lived. :(

I love that the vidder put in Cathal's line from that movie about the leaf breaking from its branch and how it's a beautiful thing.

Such a great song too! :)

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Also, Livejournal link to comment there if you want:

Vidder's summary: [...] AU story where Arthur was a modern day musician by day and a Fight club style fighter by night. Basically it's a mix up of the characters he played in his different projects. While Merlin is pretty much like his character from Parked - a troubled young man who made quite a few wrong choices in life and who - obviously - doesn't remember anything about his previous life, unlike Arthur.

They meet by chance in the street and then - the plot thickens! - Arthur finds Merlin in the street, beaten and hurt and well, then he dies. Again.

Oh and yes, Merlin did tell Arthur about his magic. I mean, I thought, why Arthur has to die every single time? So I decided to explore another twist - what if Merlin was the one who died and Arthur - who waited for him quite a few years? And then, just when it seemed like they found each other again Merlin just had to go and get himself killed. Everything that's happened in between is left to your own interpretation/imagination.

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Thanks so much for such an amazing rec <3 really appreciate it!

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You're welcome! :) It was a beautiful vid. ♥

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OH MY GOD I just saw this yesterday and I KNOW, RIGHT?! There is such a gorgeous, dream-like quality to [ profile] secretlytodream's vids, I fall into a trance every time I watch them.The best vidder around, single-handedly responsible for my favorite SPN, Sherlock and now Merlin vids, just, guuhh. Once set an SPN vid to a Richard Siken poem, for goodness' sakes. I mean, WHAT.


This is my favorite AU vid yet (although I refuse to believe in my head he is actually dead. They deserve happiness after all this time, dammit!)Thank you for sharing!