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dk323 ([personal profile] dk323) wrote2013-08-16 11:56 pm

Paperlegends 2013...loving this fic

lol, couldn't resist using my chest icon. :p *whistles* Kind of wish I wasn't still doggedly working on my own Paperlegends story so I can continue reading, "A Beacon In The Dark" by Zairaalbereo I'm loving this fic so far.

I've read 62% of the story at this point (says my ever knowing Kindle, lol) so I can't speak for the entirety of the story, but I'm so pleased that I made this my first story choice to read for PL 2013. I am not disappointed. *grins* It's a long story (96K!), so it'll take me a bit of time to get through the story and then I'll see about which story to read next...

A Beacon In The Dark was posted August 2nd, so I imagine by now a lot of people have read it. I hope for those who haven't read it, they could put it on their reading list. The hurt/comfort and the lovely progression of Arthur and Merlin's relationship (or I guess rekindling after the years apart) have won me over.

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