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dk323 ([personal profile] dk323) wrote2014-01-18 06:50 pm
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Sherlock BBC fanvid recs

I think pretty much all of them center around Sherlock & John's friendship but "His Last Vow" and "Pressure Point" have some well-placed voiceovers (more voiceovers on Pressure Point)... love the bits with Molly's voice when Sherlock is shot and he hears her voice aiding him as he determines which way to fall.

Three Fanvid Recs

His Last Vow (vidder = SecretlyToDream / Loki):

~ * ~

Pressure Point (vidder = Pteryx):

~ * ~

Bleeding Out For You (vidder = Phoenixacid):
I love this song by Imagine Dragons ♥ ♥ So pleased to see it used for Sherlock vid. :)

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