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dk323 ([personal profile] dk323) wrote2009-08-09 02:22 pm

Scheduling done right: SPN and Merlin this week :-)

So, I've seen all of S1 Merlin and Supernatural is on reruns; but both shows will be airing double episodes back to back this upcoming week. And better yet, a SPN episode "Death Takes A Holiday" that I haven't seen in its entirety yet (I might have overslept or something, fail!) will air followed by the drama-filled! leaves me heart-broken! "On The Head Of A Pin" wherein Dean learns the awful truth. *heart breaks*

Not to mention the two episodes follow each other - like a two-parter, so there couldn't be a better match-up (besides maybe the penultimate episode leading into the S4 finale).

That's Thursday...but then that Sunday (no Merlin this Sunday/today due to football...whatever), NBC will air two episodes of "Merlin" to make up for this Sunday. I missed the double episodes they had at the start - glad it's back for the moment! I've only seen "Merlin" episodes on YouTube, so I look forward to watching them on the bigger screen -- no matter if there are annoying commercials you have to get through. :-\

Anyway, BEST pairing up of "Merlin" episodes ever - "The Moment of Truth" (Merlin and Arthur go camping :-P) and "Labyrinth of Gedref" (Unicorns! And Arthur turns out to be really likable, still a bit of a prat, but he comes around by the end).  

I adore both of those episodes - they're both in my Top 5. I think "Labyrinth of Gedref" is my #1 episode just because of the nice, happy ending. :-)

All in all, I'm looking forward to this upcoming week. :-) [ / squee ]

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