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2013-01-07 10:20 pm
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"New Year's Resolutions" via generator... :p

In 2013, dk323 resolves to...
Give up oasis.
Apply for a new interpol.
Find a better vast.
Admit my true feelings to reni_m.
Go to the dogs every month.
Spend less time on muse.
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2010-11-14 02:17 am
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2009-06-29 01:21 pm
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Top Commenters at my LJ...

Snagged from [ profile] natiyachan.

I'm not too surprised...

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2009-03-29 08:07 pm
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Writer's Block: GIP (Gratuitous Icon Post)

[Error: unknown template qotd]Since I don't really post in Doctor/Rose-related comms, I don't have as much of a chance to use this one as I'd like. It's from Series 1's "The Long Game" and though that isn't at the top of my list for favorite Series 1 episodes, I still adore this icon. To me, it's just a nice representation of Nine and Rose's relationship. Rose was always looking for adventure although more often than not getting into trouble because of it (most jeopardy-friendly as Nine said ;-)). But even so, the Doctor would always be at her back, making sure she made it out okay and got home safe (though fear of Jackie probably helped that along a bit! lol).

I like how her bright pink "space" outfit contrasts against the white and blue icy background not to mention the writing texture (and it's not easy to make texture like that work, but it definitely does in this icon). And the icon was made by [ profile] angelfireeast so the credit goes to her for making this lovely icon. She's awesome. :) I've had it for a while. Even as I had to take out icons over the past year or so to make room for more, that Nine/Rose one has stayed there through all that. The icon just reminds me of why I really love Series 1 of Doctor Who.
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2009-03-11 03:19 am

Final in Elite 8: Ten lost. :-(

ETA: Every vote counts - it's really close between Ten and Dean! *wants to cry* It sucks that I really like both of them, but the Tenth Doctor will be leaving...he needs a good exit, he deserves it! And he can't lose in the fandom steel cage match (which is pretty much an excuse to get fans all heated up about their fandoms, fangirl like crazy, etc. but despite all that!).

... )


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2009-03-10 09:12 pm
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2009-03-10 07:11 pm

Not to overdo this, but...

This CAN NOT be happening. Jon Stewart can't be losing in the steel cage match! That is not right! Please vote for him! The Daily Show wouldn't be half as awesome as it is without him!

*is getting way too hyped up about this than she should be, but still...*

Click on the poster below to vote: