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Change of header + new side image (it's distracting, omg :p)

I decided to be more "current" and change up the side image that has Merlin and Arthur from one of the S3 finale promo images. I couldn't resist and now it's terribly distracting whenever I see it. Ah, what can you do... I love the image very much.

♥ Legends.

My new header is another story banner for another story of mine (Harry Potter/Merlin crossover: Intrigue)... just something I did to inspire me to work on it. It gives a brief timeline of events as background for the story... the present day is 2001 -- when Merlin and Arthur unexpectedly find themselves in the wizarding world. The two people on the banner are both reincarnations of Merlin (yes, Merlin gets reincarnated as a girl here...more likely to happen than Arthur getting reincarnated as a girl -- at least in Arthur's opinion ;)). So that's Robert Sheehan (plays Nathan Young on the show "Misfits") and obviously, that's Emma Watson (Hermione Granger).

That's all for now. I'm going to see if I could get work done on my fic. So sad not to have any new Merlin today. :( At least there's this Thursday's Misfits episode to look forward to. :)

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Thank you! :) I feel like I should have done a more holiday header for Christmas and all, but my muse wasn't going that way. :( But they're sort of dressed up for the holidays in the header. *nods* I sort of tried...;)

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Ooh, lovely :D Especially Arthur's "shirt" ;D

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Thank you. :) Arthur's shirt is the main reason why it's so distracting. :p That's also why I can't bear to delete this icon (that I'm using for this comment) where he's wearing his red shirt. *is dead* ;)

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Oh lovely sidebar! If only we had had that image as an offical promo ;-)

I might stare at it some more.

And very nice header too.


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Thank you. :) Yes, I agree with you. At least they had a promo image with Arthur and his knights where they got Merlin in there. Just sad that there wasn't a solo Merlin & Arthur together promo pic. :(

I can't stop staring at it either.

Thanks. I'm glad you like the header. :)