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Well, that guarantees...

So the vampire (Eric Northman from True Blood) won against Nathan Young. That guarantees that I'll never be watching True Blood and I'm so voting AGAINST the bloody vampire. I don't care if I don't know that other character, I want the vampire TO LOSE. :\ :\

Admittedly, it was close...50.4% (2313) to 49.6% (2272)...which meant only 42 votes were needed to win (41 would have been a tie). What really irritates me is that I never really saw any campaigning from True Blood/Eric Northman fans... you know, it's kind of nice to see fans going all out for their favorite characters, but it leaves a bad impression for me that these Eric Northman fans didn't really say why people should vote for him. Erm...okay...whatever...OO

I loved the support for Merlin ♥ I'm so glad he won his poll. The Eleventh Doctor won too! :D And Annie (Being Human) won. I was most sure that Merlin would win his poll when I went to sleep last night because he was ahead the most versus his competitor. Eleven ran a close race and it's great that he pulled through in the end. Annie was about a hundred votes away from her competitor last night... and she ended up winning by 144 votes, so the margin didn't change too much.

And now I don't know what to do...because Merlin is now up against Annie in Round Two. OMG. *flails* I may choose to lean toward voting for Merlin because I like the character a bit more...I mean, how could you not tear up when he gets all emotional? It breaks my heart. :( But still, Annie! ♥ In a way, Merlin and Annie are similar in that they're both friendly, warm, caring people...and I can't bear to choose between either of them. :(

* I told myself I wouldn't get as into this as much as I did last year, but here I am... you truly realize how much you love certain characters when you get hung up on them winning some virtual competition. ;)
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.... I hope you vote Merlin !!!! Come on !!! How can you resist his Colin Morgan-ness ?

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I probably will end up voting for him. I know, it should be easy...but really, Merlin and Annie would so get along with each other (like Merlin and Gwen's friendship) that it's awful pitting them against one another.

I'm considering waiting toward the end to put in my vote... apparently now, Annie is winning. Might be because Being Human is currently airing during this time (the latest episode airs today as well)...while Merlin is in hiatus (thus Being Human has the "airing right now, so more people are aware of the show" element in its favor, which helps Annie). Though I don't doubt that Merlin fandom will do their best to make sure Merlin wins. :D
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