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The Elite 8 (I don't know you guys, it's too close for comfort...)

Both Eleven and Sherlock are running close races with their competitors (11 and Sherlock are currently winning in their respective races though :D Yay!). Eleven is up against Buffy, but Buffy won the whole competition last year. Do we really want her to win again? I want a NEW winner personally over the SAME person winning again.


And also, Sherlock is a high-functioning sociopath...and we love him for it. :P

I'm sorry for all these posts (I put this under a cut so it won't be so cluttery on the FList), but I'm really hoping Eleven wins. And hopefully Sherlock will get to the next round. :-)

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This round it was easy to vote again. Yay. Only Eleven left from people I like/shows I watch anyway. Last round I ended up not voting at all in the Eleven/Merlin bracket. I just couldn't pick one over the other.

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Yeah, I agree. This round was much easier to vote in. I voted for Merlin in the previous round mostly because I wanted to show my support for him even if he had unlikely chance of winning. And while I love Eleven, I'm not writing Doctor Who fic at the's Merlin and Merlin fandom that inspires me fic-wise now, so I could only choose Merlin. ♥

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It's so close in Eleven's poll now. Only 100 votes in it. *wibbles*

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I'm so glad that Eleven ended up winning even after such a close race. :) *cheers*

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This round was a lot easier to vote for than the last.
Eleventh Doctor and Sherlock all the way!!
And since I like Glee Kurt got my vote, sadly I think he's losing right now.
I'm actually in the process of trading my comedy vote for 11 because he needs all the help he can get against Buffy.

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I'm sad that Kurt lost. :( That bites. Now Eleven is up against Veronica Mars in the final four. Eleven all the way! :D And since Veronica caused Kurt to lose, I can't help but put a vote against her. ;) I probably would vote Veronica in most other circumstances because I do enjoy her character, but it's the contest.

I'm so glad that both Eleven and Sherlock made it to the final four (I was nervous that they would be pitted against each other in the Final I have a bad feeling that they'll be up against one another in the championship round. I'm sure voting for both will continue to be strong).

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Tight, tight race between 11 and Veronica right now.
It's basically 50/50
Sherlock isn't doing too well. :(

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It's going to be a very interesting race, definitely!

Yes, I wish Sherlock was doing better. :( :( The Troy supporters have been pretty awesome so far, I have to admit, in their campaign.

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I haven't really participated in these before, do you think there will be a slew of people who are going to vote tomorrow?
In the Eleventh hour??? :P

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Considering that Doctor Who is a British show (while Veronica Mars is a US show, which has been cancelled for some time now as well), I really do think Eleven will pull through.

That's the awesome thing about time zones... all the UK fans of Doctor Who are going to be voting throughout the night (since it'll be morning there, they'll be awake)...when Americans will be sleeping. I doubt there are as many UK fans of Veronica Mars as there are of Doctor Who.

Here's hoping to Eleventh Hour help! :D :D

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Such an appropriate icon for your statement!!
Hee, time zones are a great thing. I hope that happens, and it might actually balance out the Sherlock poll as well. :D

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Aw thank you. :) I agree. I love that shot of Rory.

Yes, they are. :) I'm not too sure about the Sherlock poll because he's really behind. I hope he'll get a lot more votes in to at least make a good showing. But with the really tight race between Eleven and Veronica, I think there's a better chance of UK fans getting Eleven to win.

I've seen on Doctor Who comms people calling for others to vote and saying that it's now up to those in the UK to increase the vote. It's a tried and true strategy. ;)

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You know, I'm super impressed how far Sherlock has gotten. Considering the series is only 3 episodes long. There were some people talking about how they think they should limited the competitors to series that have 10 or more episodes. Which I say nay to. That's like saying they shouldn't include anything that hasn't been on television in 10 years.

Anywoo, go Brits!!!

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Yes, I'm really impressed too at how far Sherlock made it. Maybe some people voted for him not just because of the show, but just for the love of Sherlock Holmes in general. I'm proud of him though. :)

I could see why some would want to put limitations like that...but I like how more open it is now. And there are going to be brilliant shows like Sherlock that don't run like a normal 13 or 22 episode season. There was also Downtown Abbey, which is a miniseries that had four episodes (Sybil Crawley from that show was briefly in the competition). Both Sherlock and Downton Abbey deserve a chance at representation. :)

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I shall be voting again! :D
(If it's any consolation, I did end up voting for Merlin ♥)

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:D I'm glad you voted for Merlin. He made a good showing (at least he got over 1,000 votes).

I foresee Sherlock vs. Eleven in the final round. *is nervous*