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The Championship: Let's Take It Up to Eleven

Sadly, Eleven is losing. :( But it was awesome that he won after such a close race with Veronica Mars.

He's up against Troy Barnes from "Community"...apparently Troy fans are also pretty impressive campaigners.

Eleven is currently down by about 200 votes or 6% percentage-wise. :( He needs all the help he can get.

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So I know there was a picture released of Bradley with the S4.01 script. The readthrough has started! Yay! I haven't yet discussed it in my journal, so I thought I'd put a mention in. I loved seeing the picture all over my FList. All of you are awesome for spreading the Bradley love... it does feel like most of the news has been about Colin lately with his films and his play (don't get me wrong, I do love that Colin's in other things and he's getting good exposure that way, but it's nice to get non-Colin-related news now). It's great to see a new picture of Bradley. :D

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Yeah it was a tight race b/w Veronica and Eleven.

I know, all the campaigning for Troy seems to be working.
Then again I wonder how many of the LJs that voted during the whole race are puppets. :P

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I liked Veronica Mars, though admittedly, the show started going downhill after S1. I haven't seen S2 yet, but there were some unpleasant issues with S3 (the final season) and it's understandable that they decided to cancel the show after S3. S1 was so good for the show though. It was basically the unraveling of a murder mystery and the culprit was pretty unexpected...or maybe I'm not that great of a detective. :P

I think I'm going to give Community a chance now because of the great campaigning they did. I watched the Christmas episode (well, sort of...I tuned out for some of it...*whistles*), but I'd like to see why Troy is as great as they say he is.

I wonder that too. The organizer did say she was checking for puppet LJs and not counting their well as any non-LJ votes. But sometimes they're not enough to affect the vote...well, unless it's something like the close race between Eleven and Veronica where they were winning/losing by only a handful of votes. That's where taking out the puppet LJs/non-LJ votes matters a lot.

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I've heard that about Veronica Mars's seasons.

I saw Community being advertised on TV 2 years ago. It peaked my interest, but not enough to actually tune in. I think it was because I was prejudiced against the Big 3 cable networks at the time. No reason for the prejudice either, lol.

Yeah, the tight races is where it matters. I think they must be going along and checking all the usernames. Not too bad if you keep up with the votes. An absolute nightmare to track if you're starting to check near the end of the poll. :O