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dk323 ([personal profile] dk323) wrote2009-03-11 03:19 am

Final in Elite 8: Ten lost. :-(

ETA: Every vote counts - it's really close between Ten and Dean! *wants to cry* It sucks that I really like both of them, but the Tenth Doctor will be leaving...he needs a good exit, he deserves it! And he can't lose in the fandom steel cage match (which is pretty much an excuse to get fans all heated up about their fandoms, fangirl like crazy, etc. but despite all that!).




Cheers! And as I post this, the votes are continuing to increase for both of them...:-)

No use posting the numbers, it keeps changing every few seconds. The one between Ten and Dean continues to be really close.

Please vote for Ten - pretty soon we'll have a new Doctor and it's just NOT right to have him lose on his way out! Not right at all. :*(