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To make up for this, next post will be a fic...BUT

by [info]vichan

 I just had to share makes me feel a little better about voting for Dean in the Final Four. I wish Ten didn't have to lose, but to make up for it, it's better to be second to the champion, right?

So the Final Four is going on now. Dean is up against Spike...House against Barney Stinson. Dean's winning! :-) Anyone interested should go vote for Dean - things could change so the lead may not stay. After all, Ten was winning for a time, but that didn't last. :(

ALSO, I have a one-shot that I'll be posting soon. It's in editing at the moment, but I promise I'll get it posted. It's entitled "Memory" which I mentioned in previous entries, but it's almost ready to be posted now. :)

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I'm so snagging that Ten would vote for Dean!! I promise to give credit to the proper person!

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Glad you like it!